meet the team

team work makes the dream work, as they say. we may be small, but we work together to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. you're in good hands with all of our stylists, but get to know us and decide who will be the perfect fit for your hair goals. have any questions? send us a quick email or text us!

alyssa cazier // owner + stylist

enneagram type one // dog mom // loves to travel

"I have over 11 years of experience behind the chair, making people feel empowered and educated about their hair. I love a good transformation and have specialized in hair extensions as well as personalized hair color for the entirety of my career. I'm a recovering perfectionist, but enjoy taking care in all the little details of your experience with us. In the last few years I've become passionate about the products that we use and the science behind hair and skin care. I'm always trying something new and curating my favorite products to add to a beauty routine. When I'm not with clients at the salon, you can find me connecting with other beauty industry pros through a local networking group I've created, traveling to new places, eating brunch at my local favorites, or snuggling with my fur baby!"

brooke long // stylist

enneagram type six // boy mom x3 // dance teacher

"I started my career with Metric Hair Studio over 4 years ago training alongside Alyssa one on one, managing the salon behind the scenes, and now taking care of my clients a few days a week, while making the most of my time with my little ones at home. My favorite part about being a hairstylist is helping make it time of relaxation and creating space for a break from the outside world. Mom life has made me realize the importance of self-care breaks! Outside of the salon, I teach dance to littles - creative movement, ballet, tap and jazz. After balancing all the different facets of my life, I spend all my spare time with family and friends that might as well be family, doing life together!"

hailey avila // stylist

enneagram type seven // mom to two littles // boho vibes

"I spent 10 years of my career working with Aveda before joining the team at Metric and consider myself a blonde specialist. I was born a toehead (as are both of my littles) and I think that gives me a slight edge when it comes to working with blondes. I appreciate the subtle differences in tones, dimension, and placement - all while maintaining the integrity of your hair. After making the move back to the suburbs, I NEED to work in a happening part of town and I love being a part of everything that's happening in Tulsa's Pearl District! When I'm not in work mode or mom mode, I like to run outside, go to concerts, listen to podcasts of all shapes and sizes.. long walks down the aisles of Target, you feel me?"

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