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we know that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to beauty products. which is why we've spent some time over the years curating our favorites, and continue to. we do have a few minimum requirements: cruelty-free, no sulfates, no parabens, environmentally friendly - and then from there we like to provide a range of options for every budget, every type of hair, and a few specialty items that you might want to splurge on! the fact of the matter is that there are SO many great products out there, and we believe you should experiment and have fun with your beauty/grooming regimen. products we love go beyond just what we carry in the salon, but these are the ones that we use on you when you visit us and what we can make accessible for you to purchase from us! full disclosure: when you purchase your products from us (even through our affiliate links) it supports us financially - which we always appreciate! but rest assured, we only recommend products we ACTUALLY love.





budget friendly, no-nonsense, carefree haircare that was founded in and inspired by the always cool Austin, Texas. our must-have: Ghost Dry Oil for fresh and soft hair in between washes.

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organic, biodynamic haircare and skincare that are luxurious and non-toxic. an Italian based company that grows most of the ingredients on their own farms in Italy. our must-have: Rebuilding or Moisturizing Mask for damaged or dry hair.

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non-toxic hair care for the minimalist. break up with traditional shampoos, embrace your natural texture and love your new (and quicker) hair care routine. our must-have: New Wash - seriously, it's life changing.

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Australian based hair care that puts performance first while still focusing on sustainability. inspired by session styling, these products have great longevity for iron and blow dry styling. our must-have: ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY one of the most versatile products on the market and great for iron styling.

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