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our hair color services feature customized placements, ammonia free hair color and are packaged into an all-inclusive price for easy, transparent pricing, no add-ons necessary.

our haircuts are priced based on time/length, not gender. we'll create a plan for your haircut customized to you and your lifestyle complete with styling tips and tricks.

customized treatments for your hair and scalp. healthy hair behaves better, trust us.

no double-booking, no surprise add-ons,

our pricing is based on just one simple hourly rate.

service pricing will vary depending on your needs,

but for some examples of our current price points, click here.


whether you are a minimalist or product junkie, your grooming routine is for you. we know that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to products and that can be overwhelming for some. that's why we take the time to curate and share our favorites. we do have a few minimum requirements: cruelty-free, no sulfates, no parabens, environmentally friendly - and then from there we like to provide a range of options for every budget, every type of hair, and a few specialty items that you might want to splurge on! the fact of the matter is that there are SO many great products out there, and we believe you should experiment and have fun with your beauty/grooming regimen.


products we love go beyond just what we carry in the studio, but these are the ones that we use on you when you visit us and what we can make accessible for you to purchase from us! full disclosure: when you purchase your products from us (even through our affiliate links) it supports us financially - which we always appreciate! but rest assured, we only recommend products we ACTUALLY love and think you will too.

for more info about products, click here.